Monday, December 21, 2009

All I Want For Christmas is You!

Well as another year draws to a close i thought I should take a moment and update this thing, and share some thoughts!

First of all, thanks to everyone for their support and kind words in regards to the last blog I posted. I still marvel at how easy it is for someone to take out his anger so passive aggressively through the anonymity of the internet. To be fair, the person who was rude to me did attempt to apologize (though somewhat offensively and half heartedly, but thats another story) and life is too short to hold grudges. But thanks again for the support Ive received from the Chub/Chaser Community.

One point Id like to bring up, that I seem to get some flack from guys on this site, is that for being a "chaser" I dont have any pictures posted with any bigger guys. LOL well isnt the point of a site like Biggercity to MEET bigger guys? How can I post pics when I cant seem to find someone who is serious about meeting up? Oh sure, I get plenty of shout outs from all over the US and world and I can tend to be a little too picky for my own good when it comes to the guys that I find nearby, but I havent yet found that face to face connection with a bigger guy yet. Im not a bullshitter and I believe in honesty. Im honestly looking for a soulmate and will wait until I meet him. Until then, if I meet a bigger guy and we have some fun, i hope that maybe he'll be a little more camera willing ;) I did have some fun with a superchub recently but he was a little too shy for any of that. Oh well lol.

Ive kicked around the idea recently about attending one of these "Convergence" events but dont really know much about them. Are they done throughout the year? It looks like a big orgy LOL is that true? IF SO, SIGN ME UP! Just kidding. I dont know if id have the guts to attend one myself (or the financials lol to be honest) Maybe someone would like to take me as his date. LOL.
Hit me up if interested ;)

So im excited about the outcome of this whole "Contest" thing going on right now on Biggercity. The feedback Ive been getting has been beyond flattering and I thank every guy who has voted for me! Ive done my best to return the sentiment.

In non "chub chaser" news LOL, Ive been cast as Luke in the Baltimore area premiere of Altar Boyz! I begin rehearsals in January with the show opening in late february. Im really excited about the opportunity. Let me know if you're interested in coming to see me. The show is about a Catholic boy band in the vain of New Kids On The Block or The Back Street Boys. I'm the "thug of the group LOL, the Donnie/ AJ. I can't wait!

So as I wrap this up, I wish all my new friends a happy and safe christmas and new year! I hope to see you all in 2010!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Double Standards!

So Ive been thinking about making one of these blogs for a while. I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts, tell funny dating stories, address comments made, questions asked etc. Well, today I received an email that was just the motivation I need.

A Citizen on Biggercity by the name of "superstevies" (look him up, he seems like a real peach lol) decided to send me the following message:

"So yeah...if your not really a chaser or NOT JUST a chaser why does it say your looking for a chub. I know its none of my business who you are looking for but if your not a chaser why r u on this site and not on the 100 other sites you could be on. We do not have a lot of choices about sites to go to, to acutally get any interest and you have to take up space. Every picture you have is of a super skinny twink circut looking person. How about some real life. You with a person that could be even with 1% body fat.???? It just seems like your really on here to get your ego stroked by guys swooning over how great looking you are. It seems your into acting and seems like your good at it, acting like your into guys that are not skinny? So yeah we do think this about you and you have done nothing to prove any of this wrong."

First of all let me state that most of the gentleman who have sent me messages on BC have been very flattering, encouraging, courteous and above all, respectful.

One of my hesitations in "coming out" as a chaser, something which i have been criticized for not doing for so long was that the chub chaser community seems very passive aggressive and judgemental. As a "chaser" its just assumed that I am only interested in a chub because of his size, or looks, and that Im not capable of having a genuine interest in the person. I couldnt possibly see a larger man as anything but a sexual fetish. I find it almost comical that a community so marginalized because of their appearance, are so quick to judge someone else because of his.

You are correct "superstevie" when you point out that I am a chaser but not just a chaser. I am attracted to many different types of men, including chubs. Criticizing someone for whom he is drawn to is just like criticizing someone for being homosexual. You can't help what you are or are not attracted to.

I guess my frustration with this posting, and the reason I felt compelled to post a general response is the hope that whoever reads this will see someone who is genuine, honest and just trying to find someone out there to share his life and his heart as well as his bed. Perhaps we will be a little more hesitant when judging from now on.

"I'd rather be 9 people's favorite thing, than 100 people's 9th favorite thing. "~Title of Show